Resource Guide for Disc Sport Organizers

Here are links to help disc sport enthusiasts get involved.  The intention is to make information available to assist individuals and clubs in building courses and holding events. When I started this page in the mid 90's there was not much info available. While some of the stuff here is dated, there are still some relevent articles.
Building a Disc Golf Course
Setting up Educational Programs
Disc Golf Leagues
Tips for Running a Disc Golf Tournament

Other Resource Sites

I am thrilled to see other resource sites come online.  Some cover more than others but all are useful.  

Disc Golf Resources
Brian Sullivan from Michigan has come up with some meaty info.
The San Francisco Disc Golf Club
These guys are sharp and professional with their approach. Their discs for kids program is a smart concept and the proposals are well writen.

Building a Disc Golf Course

Disc Golf courses don't build themselves.  They require dedicated individuals willing to convince local officials of the benefits of the sport.  It's worth your time to get involved.  Hopefully these links will make it easier to get started.

Course Development
This page has a wealth of info on many aspects of building a course.

Disc Golf Course Design Goals
This is a list of design criteria as prepared by the Disc Golf Course Designers group.  Must read info if you are thinking of a new course.  These folks have been leading the forefront on the topic for some time.
Disc Golf Association
These are the people who make the Pole Hole targets.  This should be your first stop.  Their site will help you figure the costs of a course.  If you are thinking about building a course, write them and request a "lit pack".  The lit pack has been newly reworked and is better than ever.  It is packed full of newspaper articles about disc golf, park testimonials and more.  The lit pack is a good resource to take to your local officials and show them what disc golf is all about. The DGA has experienced disc golf course designers able to help you plan your course.
New Course Proposal
This is a super document from the San Francisco Disc Golf Club.  This could provide a model for writing your own proposal.  Look to their site for more ideas, and thank them for their efforts.
Request for a Disc Golf Course

This is a letter that we wrote requesting a new course.  It is not as thorough as the San Francisco one above but provides an informitive approach.
New Course Proposal From Michigan
From Michigan is dumping courses into the ground,  there are some tips here for doing a proposal.
Course Design Tips for Better Disc Golf Coursesnice site
John Houck has written some great articles on course design and has put them up on his website.  Coming from the voice of experience, they present some relevant approaches to designing better courses. Why is design important?  find out
Guide to Course Design
Innova Champion Discs make some great golf discs.  They also offer Disc Catcher targets as an option.  Innova Champion has provided some resources that would be helpful to doing a proposal.
A Call To Arms..... Length
By Burning Sphere  This short essay argues for shorter holes on more courses in order to be beginner friendly.  Longer tees can also be included, but there are benefits to having  a set of short tees.  
PDGA Matching Basket Program
The PDGA has a great program for matching up to nine baskets on an approved college course.

Setting up Educational Programs

Many schools these days are directing their P E programs to include more lifetime sports and welcome visits from disc players "experts".  It is pretty easy to teach basic skills to kids and it can have big benefits.  Look here for  teaching tips and ideas.  Plus let us know what you are doing in your own programs.  
The Discourse
A manual for students and teachers of the Frisbee disc arts.  This is a super manual for teaching all kinds disc skills.  It is available through Platypus or through Discovering The World who also carry other good disc books and videos for teaching.  They also offer educational packages and discounts.  Request their big catalog of Frisbee stuff.
The Ultimate Teaching Package
Ultimate is a great game for school kids.  The Ultimate Players Association offers a nice teaching package for the game of ultimate.  It includes discs and booklets on how to play the game, how to teach kids and starting a club at your own school.

Disc Golf Leagues

Running A Disc Golf League With Handicap Scoring
by Chuck Kennedy, provides specifics for a handicapping system
How to Start and Run a Disc Golf League
From Will's Disc Golf Page.  Will runs a league at the Morley Field Course in San Diego.  He covers a lot of ideas on running a league-from handicaps to promoting it.  A good format for a local bar league.

ClubDead Resource Page
These guys do some fun stuff and have posted their formats online, check them out.
Back To The Future
A rather lengthly article by Dan Roddick which discribes a format for setting up team play in your own town.

Tips for Running a Disc Golf Tournament

The TD's List of Tools Not to Forget
It helps if you are prepared when you do a tournament.  This is a list of some helpful stuff
In Praise of Players Packages

To offer a players package or not to offer a players package?  That is the question
Triple Class Promo

We did a triple class tournament and this is the promo we used, use it if you like.
How to Run a Smooth Awards Ceremony
This piece by Kathy Ignowski provides a checklist to make sure your event finishes with a bang.


I didn't want to add a sand bagging section since much of the discussion has been less than admirable to the sport.  I present a few ideas that I think can help the situation.
Providing Incentives to Reduce Sandbagging

Just a few short ramblings on the subject
An Invitation To Move Up

I don't think that public heckling is a good solution to sandbagging.  We developed an award of sorts to give to our top amateur players.  While being a little tounge-in-cheek, it is a form of positive re-enforcement demonstrating a little class.
Payout Methods to Reduce Sandbagging
Here are some ideas on how to structure your payout to reduce sandbagging.
Proportional Pay Out Tables
I have constructed payout tables that are more fair to amateur players.  This distributes less to the top few players and more to the middle and lower players.  Cicking here you can download an .xls file  or email me and I am happy to snail mail you a copy. 
                                 Download excel file of payout table
Mando Bump Rules
NorCal series has mandatory bump rules for those players who are too good.
Pursuing Proportional Payouts
This is a an article Kim Theesen, providing support for proportional payouts.

Promotional Ideas

Publish a Disc Sport Guidebook
Our club has found annual sponsors and published a guidebook for newer players at the same time.  It has been very successful.  Find out how.
Sponsorship Document for the 1994 United States DG Open
This is a great layout for soliciting sponsors, getting the public involved and publicizing an event. I wish that I(it) had been there. Prepared by Rich Hart and Jim Challas

Clubs and Organizations

How to Make Clubs Grow and Thrive
By Paul Stephens  Clubs are often the difference in whether disc golf grows in an area or stalls like a drive hitting the first tree in the fairway. This article gives some good ideas on how to energize your own local club.
Club Dead Site
This site has a lot of good info and ideas on how cool a club can be.

 We are looking for more resources to add.
I have tried to organize this page in an orderly fashion.  Let me know if you find it confusing or hard to read.
 Please email  if you have any comments, questions or additions for this site.

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